Boba: AI co-pilot for generative ideation

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Research signals and trends

Boba can search the web for articles and news to help you answer your qualitative research questions. For example:
✨ How is the hotel industry using generative AI today?
✨ What are the key challenges facing retailers in 2023 and beyond?
✨ How are pharma companies using AI to accelerate drug discovery?
✨ What were the key takeaways from Nike's latests earnings call?
✨ How do people on Reddit feel about Lululemon's products?

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Ideate: Envision future scenarios

Scenario building is a process of generating future-oriented stories by researching signals of change in business, culture, and technology. Scenarios are used to socialize learnings in a contextualized narrative, inspire divergent product thinking, conduct resilience/desirability testing, and/or inform strategic planning. For example, you can prompt Boba with:
✨ Hotel industry uses generative AI to transform the guest experience
✨ Pfizer accelerates drug discovery with the use of generative AI
✨ Show me the future of payments 10 years from now
✨ China becomes the next superpower (optimistic, sci-fi future)

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Ideate: Brainstorm strategies

Using the Playing to Win strategy framework, I can help you brainstorm "where to play" and "how to win" choices based on a strategic prompt and possible future scenarios. For example you can prompt me with:
✨ How might Nike use generative AI to transform its business model?
   ✨ SmartSneakers: Using Generative AI to Design Customized Sneakers
   ✨ AI-Driven Supply Chain Optimization
   ✨ Intelligent Marketing: Personalized Campaigns with AI
Based on a prompt and any future scenarios, Boba can generate potential strategies and key questions for you to consider, such as the ones above.

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Boba can help you build storyboards for current or future state scenarios.
✨ Brainstorm story-driven POVs (points of view) and pitches
✨ Generate illustrated scenes to describe your customer journeys
✨ Customize the script if you want, and let me do the rest
✨ Customize the styles, illustrations and more
✨ Generate storyboards directly from generated scenarios

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